Parking at Gatwick Airport could not be easier

Gatwick Airport offers a wide range of long-term parking options to suit various needs and budgets.
It really is worth knowing that parking is easy at Gatwick Airport.

Long-Term Parking at Gatwick Airport

The South Terminal has two long-term car parks, Blue and Red, while the North Terminal has one, Orange. Blue and Orange car parks are connected to their respective terminals via a free shuttle bus service that runs 24/7.

Prices of Long-Term Parking at Gatwick Airport

The price to park at the long-term parking at Gatwick starts is £38 per day
and is £32 for addistional days

Short-Term Parking at Gatwick Airport

For those requiring short-term parking, Gatwick Airport offers several options at both terminals. The Purple car park at the South Terminal and the Green car park at the North Terminal provide convenient parking for up to 24 hours. These car parks are located within walking distance of the terminals, making them ideal for quick drop-offs or pickups.

Prices of short-Term Parking at Gatwick Airport

The short term parking at Gatwick airport starts at £6 for 30 minutes

Valet Parking at Gatwick Airport

For those seeking a hassle-free parking experience, Gatwick Airport offers valet parking at both terminals. With this service, customers can drop off their vehicles at a designated valet parking zone and have them parked by professional staff. The valet parking service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and includes a complimentary car wash.

Pre-Booking and Discounts

Pre-booking parking at Gatwick Airport is highly recommended to secure a space and take advantage of discounts. Discounts are available for online bookings made in advance, especially during peak travel periods. Customers can book their parking online through the Gatwick Airport website or through various third-party parking providers.

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